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Organized in Washington D.C. at

The National Mall

The art of living foundation

Hosting the fourth world cultural festival in 2023 for the first time in the U.S.

Performane DATES September 29 - October 1

"How breathless I feel in your arms How breathless..."


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Las Vegas, NV, United States

Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub

Trance music battle

Popular Trance and progressive DJ will perform their best tracks mixing them with sounds of different instruments

meet DJ BeatMix

"Find your mission in an endless stream of moments..."


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Prague, Czech Republic

Wallenstein Garden

Above beyond festival

Trance DJs live sets, tutorial activities from prominent DJs, showing movies about trance music and DJs,

meet DJ BeatMix

"Everyday pave the way for endless nights and dancing..."


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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Arena Park

Electronic community festival

Modern Trance dJs will perform Live Dj sets on different stages, DJs collaborations and electronic music night show

meet DJ BeatMix

"From day to night and night to day we face sea of choice..."


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live chat at nighttalk radio

Conversation about modern Trends in trance music, personal music taste, future projects and how to find your style in music

meet DJ BeatMix

"Now I see the sun will fade Now I feel the light..."


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Kiev, Ukraine

Closer Club

Live DJ Set (Trance remixes)

performance of famous trance tracks sounding fresh and Sensual thanks to new arrangments

meet DJ BeatMix